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  • I am always impressed by the courage exhibited during my discussions with patients and their families in the pre-operation holding area. The intensely anxious mood created when explaining the risks of anesthesia are almost totally dissipated when I change the subject to aromatherapy. Introducing and integrating a technique using Ginger essential oil to ease occasional […]

  • Elevation is the perfect blend for those moments when you need to be revitalized. This exciting blend provides an invigorating combination of essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your energy. Elevation combines the uplifting and euphoric floral scents of Lavandin, Lavender, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, and Osmanthus, Tangerine, Elemi, and Lemon Myrtle to […]

  • Congratulations to the following individuals who won a giveaway during our Christmas in July Giveaway Event! If your name is on the list, please email your name, mailing address, and prize to to claim your prize. There will be a giveaway every day on Facebook from July 14-18th so make sure to check back […] Feed

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  • One of the BEST things about essential oils is their ability to impact your mood. The science behind scent and emotion is pretty cool. There’s a fun article in the New York Times that explains the science pretty well. Basically, smells pass right into your olfactory cortex which contain your limbic system and amygdala- the place […]

  • Awesome webinar tomorrow night! If you don’t have a doTerra account yet, this is the time to get one. The amazing New Year, New You promotion is coming to a close for the year. This is the last webinar/class you’ll be able to attend to receive all the goodies. Register for the class HERE. During […]

  • Winding down LOVE month, I have a fun recipe to share. Our family really likes popcorn and the recipe for On Guard popcorn is amazing. Have you tried it? It’s so great! I wanted to try and make a version that would be a fun treat for Valentines day. The recipe is pretty much the […]

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